are interactive science and math simulations licensed for Grade 7 -10. They integrate with D2L to eliminate the need for students to remember multiple logins. 
SCDSB teachers can access account creation information on this secure document. You will have to login using your Staff Website credentials. 
Steps for using Gizmos within D2L: 
  1. Make sure you (teacher) have a Gizmos account created before logging into D2L. Use the link above for information on how to create your Gizmos account. 
  2. From the D2L homepage of the class you want to use Gizmos in, click on the Gizmos icon. 
  3. A Gizmos class will automatically be created that matches your D2L class. 
  4. Add Gizmos to that class for students to access. 
  5. Ask students to login to D2L and click on the D2L button from your class homepage. They will then have access to the Gizmos you added to that class. 

Notes about Gizmos: