Homework Help is an online tool for students to access real-time Mathematics tutoring for students in grades 7 – 10. 

It allows students to get help after school hours, when teachers or parents are unavailable to help. It can help students with answering homework questions, reviewing material from previous grades, and studying for tests, exams or the EQAO tests. But remember – it is “homework help” not “homework do” – the tutors are there to support the students and work through questions to help them be more confident learners and better understand the math.  

Students can register for the program by completing the online registration form at the Homework Help website (http://homeworkhelp.ilc.org).  Please note that students require their Ontario Education Number (OEN) to register. This is located on all report cards.

EVEN BETTER!!! Access Homework Help through the link on the homepage of D2L and you will be logged right in. 

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