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Platform Interface Update

New Feature! Canada: 150th Anniversary of Confederation, 2017 Playlist

A playlist of Canadian content titles has been created to help celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation has been added to the Calendar in Learn360. The playlist will be accessible all year.


New Feature! Download And Enlarge Option for Images

Images may now be downloaded. Simply click on the Download page tool below the image. It’s also easy to get a closer view of an image by clicking on the “Enlarge Image” link when available.


New Citation Export Option: RefWorks!

Students and researchers now have a new option for exporting data into their bibliographies. Learn360 citations now feature full integration with RefWorks, in addition to EasyBib and NoodleTools. Users can create their bibliographies under their RefWorks, EasyBib, or NoodleTools accounts and include Learn360 content along with other references being used for their papers. Click here for a helpful Support Center article.


New Feature! Playlist Footer Link.

Based on customer feedback, there is now a link in the footer of the platform that allows a user to enter in a playlist code. This is designed for students to input a code provided by a teacher from within the platform. The playlist code can also be entered on the login page, or accessed directly with a playlist URL.


Upcoming Webinars

Check the Learn360 Help, Support and Training area for new upcoming webinars.

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